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I use fashion photography, image consulting and video to create a sensory visual identity. I specialise in capturing the stories behind the brand, product or person. 

Piotr Damian Radzioch V.

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a couple of
from me...

I'm Piotr Damian, an art fashion photographer, image consultant and video art director based in Florence - Pisa, Tuscany.

A couple of reasons I received from you for which you kindly chose to work with me:

- my intuitive empathetic personality,
- knowledge of art and design,
- admiration for the "quiet luxury",
- a holistic approach,
- international point of view,
- open-mindedness and inclusiveness.


art direction
brand identity development
website and social media visual coordination


How do you visually influence your audience?
Let's find the uniqueness of your brand.


Do you have a clear idea of what your brand identity is?


Let's combine all your creative visual elements to achieve an authentic and harmonious brand image.

art direction

Building a story for a video comes naturally to me because I'm extremely empathetic. I can easily enter into synergy with places, objects and people as I "feel" them... I like to take the best of what I feel and transform it into a visual story...

Benjamin Babadi


I am incredibly passionate about capturing the unique essence of Made in Tuscany.

Piotr Damian R V

my personal

Self-development project where I authentically explore my visual identity.

Benjamin Babadi, USA

"Collaborating with Damian has been truly an honor of my lifetime. Damian is a creative art director and photographer who can take an idea and create visual content that truly shine and stand out. Damian projects his plan in a way that tells an story and catches the audience's eyes in the first glance, beside art direction and storytelling, Damian has a deep understanding of photography, no matter the circumstances, Damian sits with me and go over all the tools and resources needed, what I love about Damian is that he knows it all, he knows how to style the model, what make-up to use, how to manage the light, what perspective the camera should move , how to direct the model and more importantly, how to tell a story that resonates with the customer.
Damian has a deep passion for fashion and he has been consulting me to build my brand identity in the most authentic way, the photoshoot are harmoniums and helps the customer to have a clear idea of the message and emotion behind the articles. Damian is both technical and artistic when it comes to photography and videography which is truly unique and rare.
I recommend Damian 100%, trust me he turns your design and idea into gold!!"

let's meet and enter into synergy with each other

Based in Pisa - Florence, Tuscany, Italy.
Operative throughout Europe.

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