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The importance of Visual Communication

This service is dedicated to projects that need to update and stabilise the corporate image online. During this service we create together the photos necessary for updating the Facebook / Instagram page and your website. In addition, the photos taken will be used for digital marketing and offline marketing. The service is based on initial image consultancy which will be essential in order to create a high-performance content.


How much will a photo or image coordination service cost?


It depends on how many photos will be needed, on the duration of the photo shoot and on additional services you will decide to add, but approximately this service starts from a base price of 250.00 euros. Find out here how to request a specific quote based on your needs.


The key to this service is the synergy between me and the customer. In order to coordinate the image, where I provide creative tips based on research and knowledge of the current market, I need to build a strong relationship with your company, during which we will be able to establish a brand identity and present the offline and online content which will establish your image.


This service doesn't have to end in a single shooting; we can establish together a content calendar for a period of about 6 months aimed at social media and we will work not only to obtain well-made images, but also to transform this path into growth in terms of corporate profit. We can also carry out updates on the website, changes on the texts concerning the company presentation, business coaching and artistic / creative directions.


Piotr Damian Radzioch

+39 331 716 4509

P.IVA 02161160508

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