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it all started
in the shadows

This photo of me was taken in the 2012, during my photography studies at the Edinburgh College in Scotland. The beginnings of my art - photography are very personal and strongly connected to my inner journey.

Every single one of us is driven by something, and that something sometimes can be hard to understand but the understanding of it is the key to reach the best version of whatever we want to do or become.

My journey starts in the extremes of the shadowed part of the visual spectrum, but once I explored it deeply enough in order to fully understand 
it I was ready to visit the opposite end of my visual identity - pure light.

personal solo art exhibition
"Project Varvius" 
Poland, 2017

pure light

after my personal solo exhibition, I felt somehow liberated and I began a second chapter of exploring my visual identity - pure light. 

In this chapter it was all about empathy and intuition, that's why I started helping out people with their projects through photography, image consulting and video art direction. 

10 years passed and I have learnt a lot about me and about you. I found many patterns that repeats themselves and that helped me in creating my own method regarding the process of finding your true "visual identity" or "brand identity" call it as you wish. 

IMG_7069-120 copy.jpg

My visual identity is split and placed on the opposites ends of visual and emotional spectrum. Understanding it allowed me to put all of the pieces of my identity together and now the third chapter began when I consciously explore my visual identity and respect it, embracing it.

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