If you wish to receive a tailored quote according to your needs, please answer these questions:


Do you need a company shooting, in order to update the image of your business? If the answer is "yes", please send me this information:


1. What kind of social channels does your company have? (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn etc.)


2. Would you like to add the photos taken on your website?


3. Would you like to create a strategy using the photos taken in your social media?



Are you interested in taking pictures of your products for your e-commerce or creating a look-book with a model that represents the new collection?


1. How many products need to be photographed?


2. Which location would you choose for the shooting? would you prefer a photographic studio or outdoors?


3. How many photos do you wish to have for each single product? (front, back, side etc.)


4. Would you like to create a strategy for the best use of the photos taken for your social media?


Discount of 25%
for projects with sustainable approach.

I am an ambassador of the sustainability and I strongly believe in projects/brands that create respecting our planet and our future. 

If your company operates with sustainable approach, I would like to offer a discount in order to help you to promote your products/services.


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